Why I'm Running


I want my family—and all of our families—to live in a Wisconsin that’s safer and stronger than the one we’re on track for right now.


We have an opioid epidemic that’s ripping families apart—and it’s getting worse. We’re not going to beat it until we start responding to it like the crisis it is. We also need a more effective response to our growing meth problem.


Our current AG, Brad Schimel, mishandled Wisconsin’s backlog of untested rape kits. In his first two years in office, testing was completed on only nine of the more than 4,000 kits that needed to be tested. As a result, justice has been delayed for survivors and dangerous criminals have remained on the streets longer than they should have. We need an Attorney General who will ensure that getting justice for survivors of sexual assault is a priority.


We also need an AG who will seriously and even-handedly enforce the laws that keep us safe from consumer fraud and preserve our natural resources. Those who try to cheat Wisconsinites should expect to be held accountable. So should polluters who break our environmental laws.


My priorities are different from those of our current Attorney General. He hired a corporate lobbyist to be his first Deputy AG. He fought against guaranteed overtime pay for people who put in the hours and make a fraction of what he does. He settled an air-pollution case against a major corporation without requiring the company to pay any fine at all. And he has spent about $83,000 of taxpayer money on promotional swag—from commemorative coins to custom-made fortune cookies.


We need to do better. We need an Attorney General who is willing to take on tough fights and who is focused, every day, on protecting Wisconsinites.


I’d be grateful to have your support.


— Josh


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