Help us get Josh’s name on the ballot! 


For Josh’s name to appear on the ballot in November, we need to collect 2,000 signatures. Let’s start with yours! On the form below, print and sign your name for Josh. Then, collect more signatures if you can! You can collect signatures almost anywhere: in addition to friends and family, please collect signatures at local events, public places, and around your neighborhood!


You can begin collecting signatures on Sunday, April 15th. Please mail your completed nominations forms back to our campaign office regularly so that we can keep track of our progress. You should send us all completed (or partially completed) forms by Wednesday, May 23rd, so that we have them back in time to submit them by the June 1st deadline.

Mail completed forms to: 

Kaul for Attorney General
PO Box 5522
Madison, WI 53705

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 920-204-5953.

Click Here to Download Kaul for Attorney General Nomination Form and Instructions